Quality Product & Supply

Quality product with 40 brands and 10,000 items can serve customer needs

We have high quality products in 17 categories of product. Over 40 brands Over 10,000 Items can serve the needs of various and promptly.


Field Sale Team

Efficient Sale Team with know-how can help you in all area at your site

Field Sale Team which is trained to products as well can provide information, answer questions and service at site


Project Supply Expertise

Over 100 projects supply experience make us expertise in all aspects

We have extensive experience in supplying product to project over 100. Whether it is a small or large project. T0 make us expertise since making TOR until the planning and delivery to the site


Tech Engineering Support

One Stop technical service from product selection to product maintenance.

We have the Engineering Support which is important on providing together with supplied products. To be have correct instructions, fully product data, etc. from our tools and team. The engineering data such CAD drawing, selection, application, installation, maintenance, design, etc are prompt and available


Customer Service Center

Service in ALL by Customer service center at BKK and Rayong office from the bid to after sale services.

Service team both of BANGKOK and RAYONG do provide the Customer Service function on supporting the queries from customers and field-sales team with information and centre coordination such quote, stock, sourcing, product data, delivery plan, etc. Communication via multi channels by Phone, Fax, Email, Websites are available to perform fast track and fast correspondence.


Training & Seminar

Training and Seminar in regular and on demand or by request.

Regular program does need to have Training of INTERNAL to our staff. All the things need updating and regular practices to ensure our staff perform the efficiency of support services. Another hand of External at customer side also benefits for recovering and updating the technology by training course of seminar would be arranged from us and factory representative.


Stock Inventory

Many various stock available can support all needs

We have a lot of stock inventory to offers a variety of products to meet customer needs.



Large warehouse in Bangkok and Rayong can make convenient.

We have arranged this important facility of supplying by 2 warehouses with stock availability. One in BANGKOK (Ladproaw) with usage space 100 SQM to supports the customers around central area. Another in RAYONG (Maptaphut) with usage space 150 SQM to supports fast delivery onto site area of Eastern of Thailand.



Efficient logistic team can service excellent delivery.

We provide Own Transportation for goods delivery to customers by our STAFF whom been trained product knowledge and procedure under customerís criteria. Definitely these are for fast delivery, correctly and understand to product items on deliveries. The BANGKOK and RAYONG warehouse stations do have own logistic team and trucks to perform these requirements.


International Network

More than 10 country network in the world will make us faster service in all area

The network more than 10 countries make us to have sufficient capacity to manage and provide services in term of product information accuracy and timeliness. Provide efficient shipping. Provide experts to help and resolve problems quickly and timely